Parviz Abnar


Parviz Abnar (Persian: ی , born 1958 in Ahvaz, Iran) is an Iranian Sound recordist.

He graduated from the Academy of Cinema and Television in 1978.

Abnar was the sound recordist for the film Rapport in 1986. He started working in television from 1978 as a sound recordist of news, documentary and fiction films and TV series such as Ra'na (1988).

He was awarded the Crystal Simorgh for sound recording from Fajr Film Festival for Across the Fire (1986, Kianoush Ayyari), The Last Act (1990, V. Karim-Masihi) and Nargess (1991, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad).


Some of his works

The Little Bird of Happiness, 1987

The Girl by the Pond, 1991

The Wild Duck

The Need, 1992

The Satanic Contact


A Man and a Bear, 1989

Zinat, 1993


The Blue-Veiled, 1994


The Poor Lover,

Ghazal, 1995

The Fifth Season

The Miracle of Laughter, 1996

The May Lady

The Day When the Air Stopped

The Lost Love, 1998

The Girl in the Sneakers

Two Women, 1997

The Sun Girls, 1998

Hidden Half

Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine, 2000

Thousands of Women Like Me, 2000

Shabhaye Roshan, 2003

Arya, 2004

Cafe Transit, 2005


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