Crystal Simorgh


    Sponsor Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

    Location Tehran

    Country Iran

    First awarded 1983


The Crystal Simorgh or Crystal Phoenix Persian: ‌سیمرغ بلورین‎‎ is the most prestigious award given by Fajr International Film Festival, Iran's major annual film festival.

It is awarded in several categories of International Competition as well as Iranian Cinema Competition.


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  Crystal Simorgh recipients


Crystal Simorgh Best Film

            No winner (1984)

             No winner (1985)

             Scarecrow (1986)

             Flying at Night (1987)

             Kani Manga - Parandeyeh Koochake Khoshbakhti (1988)

             Dar Masir Tondbad (1989)

             Mohajer (1990)

             Apartment No.13 (1991)

             Need (1992)

             Az Karkheh ta Rhein (1993)

             No winner (1994)

             The Fateful Day (1995)

             Father (1996)

             Children of Heaven (1997)

             The Glass Agency (1998)

             Hiva (1999)

             Smell of Camphor, Scent of Jasmine (2000)

             Baran (2001)

             Khanei Ruye Ab (2002)

             Divanei Az Ghafas Parid (2003)

             Mum's Guest (2004)

             So Close, So Far (2005)

             In the Name of the Father (2006)

             The Day Third (2007)

             As Simple as That (2008)

             Tardid (2009)

             Be Range Arghavan (2010)

             Crime (2011)

             No winner (2012)

             Reclamation (2013)

             Azar Shahdookht Parviz va Digaran - He Who Said No (2014)